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Ulcerative Colitis Natural Treatment

Ulcerative colitis is a disease in which the large intestine of the patient’s body is attacked by the immune system causing inflammation in the area. The large intestine or colon works as a system that removes water from the undigested food and this system ends at the rectum. It is the place where solid waste is stored before removal. This disease can ultimately result in colon cancer if left untreated for a very long time. You can try one of the various Ulcerative Colitis Natural Treatment to make the situation better.

What causes ulcerative colitis?

The cause of this disease is yet to be known though Jewish descent people seem to be more prone to this disease. It has recently become common in the developing nations as well but the reason behind this disease is still unknown. The first blood relatives of a patient are at a higher risk of having this disease which is why genes are considered a big factor but a clear cause is yet to be known. Some believe that it is caused by dietary choices of the individual but that is yet to be proven.

What are the signs of the ulcerative colitis?

There are quite a few symptoms which accompany this disease but that depends on the intensity of the disease. For one, people with this disease have:

  1. Diarrhea: The excretion process of the body fastens and the person is unable the hold the waste for long. Also, the excretion is more liquid in form.
  2. Rectum bleeding: One major indicator of this disease is discharge of blood from the rectum. It is a clear sign of ulcerative colitis.
  3. Abdominal pain: Lastly, the person is expected to suffer from pain in the abdomen as that is the area being affected.
  4. Cramps: It is usual to suffer with cramps while going through this disease.
  5. Weight loss: Due to the condition, a person might start to lose weight quickly.
  6. Fatigue: The person starts to feel tired without any reason.
  7. Fever: The patient also tends to gain temperature and become feverish.
  8. Night sweat: The patient is likely to sweat a lot in the night just like in the condition of fever.

What is the ulcerative colitis natural treatment that works?

Though there is no sure shot way to get rid of the disease, there are a few natural treatments that can help in handling the situation.

The first ulcerative colitis natural treatment is avoiding unhealthy food that is difficult to digest. This will lower the burden on the colon and lessen the symptoms.

The natural cures for ulcerative colitis include exercising every day. This can help in maintaining the body in a condition which reduces inflammation in the colon.

Taking less stress also works as a colitis natural treatment. This is so because stress reduces the ability to digest and controlling stress can help in digestion.

Ayurvedic treatment for ulcerative colitis includes both therapies as well as medicines. Pitta dosha is considered to be the cause of the disease and hence medication to remove toxins and therapies to help resolve the issue are given to the patients. It is the best treatment for ulcerative colitis as trial studies have shown 80% decrease in the symptoms of the patients.

Getting a diagnosis early on can help prevent further damage to the body and if you too feel the need to either get diagnosed or looking for a way out of this horrible disease, then contact us to get the right treatment today.