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Rosacea Natural Treatment

Key Points

  • Rosacea: A chronic, inflammatory, non-contagious disease that affects the skin of the face.
  • The cause of this disease.
  • Redness, inflammation, red pus-filled breakouts on the face.
  • Over the counter treatment of Rosacea.
  • Rosacea Natural Treatment: Rosacea skin treatment done with the help of dietary changes.
  • Ayurveda take on the disease and its cure. Including the things to avoid and things to try.

What is Rosacea Cure?

Rosacea is a common disease especially among the women who are fair and middle-aged. It is an incurable, non contagious disease in which the person suffering from it deals with redness on the face as the blood vessels become visible from under the skin and in some case scenarios it even leads to red bumps that are filled with pus. These can become more prominent for a few days, months or years but they settle before spawning again. Rosacea Natural Treatment will help to halt these symptoms and also helps in the prevention of the symptoms from occurring again.

Why does Rosacea happen?

The exact cause of Rosacea is still unknown in the modern medicine. Though it is believed that many factors contribute to this condition but an absolute cause or an effective medicine is yet to be made. This is why, when this quite common disease occurs, one normally gives up on the cure of Rosacea and only tries to combat the symptoms that arise every once in a while. Though, people suffering from it can try to pinpoint activities that lead to the Rosacea cycle repetition. For some, it might be certain foods, while for others, some creams might work as triggers.

Signs and symptoms of Rosacea

  • Red spots on the face especially near the cheek area
  • Swelling, Painful, dry, itchy, rough and scaling skin
  • Increased sensitivity of skin to sweat, sun, skin products etcetera
  • Break out and raised patches of skin known as plaques
  • Thick skin around the nose

What is the best Rosacea Natural treatment?

When it comes to Rosacea treatment over the counter, antibiotics pills are used by the doctors. Sunscreen is also a form of Rosacea treatment cream that can help to reduce inflammation and the damage caused by the sun to the skin. There are many gels, creams, pills and moisturizer for Rosacea that can be bought in the local shops, some of them available in the chemist shop while others might be even available in beauty shops that keep skin care products.

To get rid of Rosacea, there are many other treatment methods.

  • The natural cures of Rosacea include change in the dietary habits of the patients that might be causing the person to suffer. This can involve intake of green tea.
  • Application of aloe vera gel for the treatment of Rosacea redness is another home remedy that can be used.
  • Lastly honey can be applied for the treatment for Rosacea on face.

When it comes to Rosacea treatment in Ayurveda, there are many remedies provided by this ancient study.

  • Firstly, intake of turmeric on daily basis is said to reduce chances of any kind of skin disease including Rosacea.
  • Secondly, a five step cleansing therapy to remove the toxins in the body is suggested to people who suffer from Rosacea and wish for it to be cured.
Ayurveda is the best Rosacea Natural Treatment that works the best.

If you also see the symptoms of this disease in yourself, then you can consult with us online and know about the various treatments that we can provide.