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Psoriasis Natural Treatment

Key points

  • Psoriasis: It is a skin disease which causes plaque on certain regions of the skin.
  • Symptoms: The symptoms include stiff joints, small red bumps on skin, itchy feeling and many more.
  • Cause: The cause of this disease is still unknown but associated with the immune system. Triggers can include smoking, drinking etcetera.
  • Psoriasis Natural Treatment: This includes intake of bitter gourd juice or a paste made of banana leaves.
Psoriasis Natural Treatment and other aspects

Psoriasis is a chronic but non communicable skin disease in which the sufferer faces the problem of having thick plaques at different sections of the body. This disease normally affects the elbows, knees and scalp of the patient.

This disease can cause problem in a limited region of just the plaque or can cause red inflamed area and in the worst case scenario can affect the entire body of the person.

This disease will worsen at some times but will become better at others. It can stay gone for as long as years before it resurfaces again. And it is found that the symptoms are much worse in the winters. The Psoriasis Natural Treatment can help remove the patches and also ensure that the symptoms remain gone for a long period of time.

Signs and symptoms of psoriasis

  1. There are small bumps on the body which are red in color. These red bumps come together to form plaque that is raised above the skin. The affected area will itch a lot during the active time of this disease.
  2. There is some disfiguration of the nails as they start to have small pits that can sometimes be misdiagnosed as fungal infection.
  3. The swollen and stiff joints are some other symptoms of this disease.

What are the causes of psoriasis?

The cause of this problem is still not understood by the people. They have very little knowledge about the cause but it is associated with the problem in the T cell found in the white blood cell. Even though the exact reason of the disease is unknown but there are a few triggers that are common in all the patients like smoking, alcohol consumption, infection or injury to skin, stress, and lack of vitamin D in the system and specific medicines. If you have the disease try to figure out the triggers you have and deal with it accordingly.

The psoriasis treatment in ayurveda

In ayurveda, the treatment of psoriasis can be done by eradicating the two dosha that are Vata and Kapha. Once the treatment start, the patient is asked to make some lifestyle changes in order to make the toxins go away and to enable the blood purification. This is one of the ways of healing psoriasis naturally. This method can help with the severe psoriasis treatment as well.

The best treatment for psoriasis: Natural cure for psoriasis

  1. When it comes to natural cures for this disease, banana thin leaves can do the trick if applied to the affected area.
  2. The bitter gourd juice is another thing that you can try to have for making the symptoms go away. But this needs to be done for 5 to 6 months.

If you yourself or someone you know is suffering from this disease, then contact us to know how you can make your life easier with just an intricate yet simple treatment.