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Natural Treatment for Lupus

Key points

  • Lupus: An autoimmune disease that can be triggered by medications, sunlight or infections.
  • Symptoms can include fatigue, joint pains, butterfly rash and many more.
  • Natural Treatment for Lupus: Ayurvedic treatment includes acupuncture while other natural remedies that can be used are healthy diet, avoiding smoking and sun and lastly exercise.
  • Lupus nephritis treatment includes fruit diet while lupus skin rash treatment can be done with the help of turmeric milk and Espom salt.

All about autoimmune disease lupus and lupus skin rash treatment

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which is chronic in nature that results in butterfly rashes on the skin, fatigue and joint pain. In this condition, the immune system’s hyperactivity starts affecting normal tissues causing damage to them. But there are several Natural Treatment for Lupus that one can avail to get rid of all these symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of lupus

This disease has several symptoms that resemble other diseases and hence it can be difficult to diagnose and before you know the Natural Treatment for Lupus you must ensure that you know the disease you have is the same. A few symptoms associated with autoimmune disease lupus are listed below

  1. Tiredness
  2. Feverish
  3. Joint pain, swellings, or stiffness
  4. Butterfly shaped rash spread cheek to cheek with nose as the body for the butterfly and cheeks with rashes shaped like wings of the butterfly.
  5. Skin lesions which get worse whenever exposed to the sun. That is the photo sensitivity of the skin increases.
  6. Shortness of breath
  7. Chest pain
  8. Headache, memory loss and confusion

What are the causes of autoimmune disease lupus

Even though it is clear that it is an autoimmune disease which means that is happens due to a defect in the immune system, there are still some factors that might cause the immune system to react that way.

The onset of lupus is a combination of a few genetic and environmental conditions that the person is facing. There are people who are more likely to suffer from this disease and the factors that might start the disease are listed below:

  1. Sunlight: For some unfortunate people, lupus lesions can be caused just by exposure to sunlight.
  2. Infections: Some people lupus disease can be triggered or re-triggered due to some kinds of infections. These infections can vary from people to people or in some cases, any kind of infection can result in this disease.
  3. Medications:  Some medications like antibiotics or anti seizure pills can also trigger this disease. But the symptoms normally stop as soon as the person stops taking the pill.

An absolute trigger for autoimmune disease lupus has not yet been found and in most cases, it is unclear as to what triggered the immune system.

A few natural treatment for lupus and other problems associated with it.

  1. Diet: Eat more fruits, vegetable and grains as it would help your body against lupus. Though, other diseases might limit the food choices but healthy food has a vast diversity to choose from. This Natural Treatment for Lupus works the best in the long run.
  2. Exercise: In order to make the joints better and help with the fatigue, regular exercise can be incorporated into the daily routine by the patient.
  3. Avoid sun on skin: Wear long sleeves, full length pants clothes and accessorize with hats. Another thing to do for sure when going out into the sun is apply a sunscreen lotion with 55 SPF or above.
  4. No smoke: If you smoke and have lupus, your heart and blood vessels are at a higher risk. So, smoking should be avoided at all cost.
  5. Acupuncture: It is an Ayurvedic technique in which the patient’s muscles are stimulated with the help of needles which are punctured into the skin.
  6. Lupus nephritis treatment: The kidney inflammation caused by lupus or any other disease for that matter can be controlled by having a fruit rich diet and especially fruit juices including carrot, banana, avocado, grapes juices and coconut water.
  7. Lupus rash treatment natural: The lupus skin rash treatment can be very easy when it comes to natural remedies. Just drinking turmeric mixed warm milk everyday for a week can help show marginal improvement. Other method includes Epsom salt that can be put in warm water and then applied to the rash with surgical cotton balls.
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