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Natural Migraine Treatment

Key points

  • Migraine is headaches which are concentrated to a region and feeling like a pounding.
  • Symptoms include: Eye pain, nausea, vomiting etcetera.
  • Several types of migraines are present which are segregated on the basis of time or occurrence rate.
  • Ayurveda take on migraine and other natural remedies to tackle the pain.

Migraine is a condition in which headaches of different intensities occur due to some specific physical changes in the body. The headache itself seems to mimic pounding sensation at one side of the head. In Natural Migraine Treatment, many things need to be considered especially the environment in which the person normally lives.

Symptoms of Migraine

A migraine comes with various symptoms which are listed below:

  1. Sensitivity to smell
  2. Sensitivity to light
  3. Eye pain
  4. Nausea
  5. Vomiting
  6. Intense headache which are concentrated to a single area.

Term to know: “Aura” Strange feeling before the headache in which the patient feels dizzy, sees zigzag lines and become frustrated with light.

Types of migraines

There are several types of migraine that a person normally faces.

  1. Absence migraine is the most common type of migraine and is even known as common migraine. It is found to be the type of migraine the patients are suffering from in 80% of the cases and it does not come after an aura.
  2. Classic migraine: Normally an aura is sensed before the headache and the pain of this headache is much more as compared to common migraine. Acephalic migraine comes with a weakness, loss of sensation and the feeling of being stabbed by pins and needles. These symptoms can be mistaken for a heart stroke.
  3. Retinal migraine is a reversible migraine which is accompanied by vision loss that can last from minutes to months. This normally signifies a bigger issue and hence the person should seek proper medical care in case of such kind of migraine.
  4. Chronic migraine is the migraine that lasts more 15 days or more in a month.
  5. Status migrainousus lasts for 72 hours or more constantly.

The Natural Migraine Treatment

As for the natural cure of migraine, Ayurveda has given many home remedies that can help sooth this problem.

  1. The first of the many natural remedies of migraine headaches is maintaining a schedule of eating and sleeping. Avoid any food that triggers migraine in you and keep yourself hydrated at all times. It is one of the most Natural Migraine Treatment that one can incorporate in ones life.
  2. If you are looking for immediate migraine relief then, you can try the lavender and peppermint oil as these can help in soothing the headache.
  3. In Ayurveda, Marma is considered one of the ways of migraine pain treatment. Pressure is applied to your hands or feet to relieve you from your headache.
  4. Another migraine headache natural treatment is the use of ginger. Eating or drinking a beverage with this herb in it can result in less intensity of headache as well as lesser duration of the migraine headache.

This will help reduce the amount of times you get the headaches. Every one of these  Natural Migraine Treatment has no side effects and that is what essentially makes it the best form of treatment.

Migraine is considered a disease that can be completely eradicated if treatment taken properly as well then you can book a session with us to know exactly what you can do to make the situation better or bearable in the future. Make an appointment with us to know if you have migraine and if you do then to know about the treatments that will work for you.