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Daily Routine

Wake Up

Ayurveda Rishis’s suggest that the ideal time to wake up is “Brahmmuhuratta”. In  Brahammuhuratta peaceful (Sattvic) qualities in nature brings peace of mind and refine and awaken the sense. In fact it is the most fresh and pure time of the entire day and time when ‘Pranvayu; is flowing. This is good habit to health, wealth and wisdom. Latest study of American journal of American academy of sleep medicine advocates the same after the latest study in Australia. As per study who went to bed late and get up late were 1.5 times more likely to become obese than those who went bed early and get up early.

Brahammuhuratta:- Brahammuhuratta starts 96 minutes before sunrise and ends before 48 minutes to sunrise e.g. If sunrise at 6 AM than Brahammuhuratta time will 4:24 am to 5:11 AM.

Prayer before leaving the bed

Thanks to God for another beautiful day and touch the ground with your right hand than same to the forehead with great love and respect to mother earth

Clean the face, mouth and eyes

Splash your face with cold water and rinse out your mouth. Wash your eyes with cold water and massages the eyelid by gentle them. Blinking your eyes 7 times and rotate your eye in all direction. Dry your face with clean towel.

Drinking Water

Drink one or two glass of lukewarm water or Lemon water or Ginger water or from a pure copper cup filled the night before. This washes the GI tract and kidney and activates peristaltic movements. This helps you have a regular morning bowel movements and flushes out toxins. You will be amazed at how vital and energetic.


Perform defecation and maturation whenever, the urge comes naturally, don’t inhibit or stimulate these urges. Improper digestion of previous night meal or lack of sound sleep can prevent this. After evacuation wash the orifice with warm water than hands with soap.

Oral Hygiene (Mukhprakshalamnam)

  1. Dantdhawanam: Clean your teeth with soft brush and tooth paste of astringent, pungent and bitter of taste. Traditional tooth brushes like neem stick, babbul stick may be useful. Dental cleaning may be done at both the times in day in morning and at bed time.
  2. Jihvyalekhan: Scrap your tongue backward to forward by stainless steel scraper These should be 7-14 strokes till toxins and, dead bacteria etc comes out from tongue.
  3. Massage your gums with fingers by using the herbal powder after the cleaning.

Kawal/ Gandush

To strengthen teeth, gums and jaw, improve the voice and remove the wrinkles from the checks gargles twice a day with warm sesame oil. Hold the oil in your mouth, Swiss it around vigorously, then spit it out and gentle massage the gums with a finger.


Use triphla water, rose water to clean the eyes daily


Put 3-4 drops of sesame oil or ghrita (ghee) to each nostril in lying position.


Put 3-4 drops of warm sesame oil or mustard oil in each ear to avoid the ringing in ear, excess ear wax, poor hearing and lock jaw etc.

Massage (Abhyanga)

Everybody should massage with warm oil (sesame/sunflower/coconut/mustard) oil in the morning over the head, ear, feet and whole body. Daily massage prevents ageing, tiredness, bring happiness, improves circulation, calms the nervous system, increase vitality, strengthens vision, nourish the skin, stimulates the immune system, remedy for insomnia and restore balance in the body/ mind.

Exercise (Vyayam)

Daily exercise restores and rejuvenates the body/ mind and alleviates stress and fatigue. It helps one relax and have sound sleep, improve digestion and eliminations. Exercise daily to half of your capacity which is until sweat forms on the forehead, armpits and spine.

Kesh-Nakh Samrakshana

Shaving, Nail cutting, hair cutting should be done on time.


Take a bath with lukewarm water. Wash the head with boiled and cooled water only. It improves the digestion, longevity, energy to keep body clean and healthy. If possible we should have a bath at evening. Although it is not documented in Ayurveda liteature but one may have another bath in evening with luke warm water.

Sugandha Lepanam(Use of perfume)

Apply perfume made out of herbal materials.

Vastradhanran (Cloth)

Everyone should wear the clean and comfort cloths as per seasons.


It is important to meditate daily for at least 15 minutes. Put your attention towards awareness and see who you really are.


  1. Breakfast- Take a warm, nourishing and wholesome breakfast in morning.
  2. Lunch- Lunch should be the biggest meal of the day. It should be in the mid of day near 1 PM
  3. Dinner/Supper- Dinner should be light (easily digestible) and to be taken before or near to sunset, by 7 PM is generally good.
  4. Water during meal- water intake during meal should be avoided. A cup of hot water may be taken during the meal. Don’t take water before and after one hour of meal.
  5. Walk after meal- One should walk for 100 meter after the meal and sit in Vajra asana.


Go to bed between 9:30 PM – 10:00 PM to ensure the adequate rest. Don’t eat, read or watch TV in bed.